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Look good and look effortlessly sun-kissed while you’re at it.
Achieve the best possible tan of your life by going to a trusted salon with premium sunbeds in Kidlington.
Get a tanning experience from tanning experts that prioritise quality service and your utmost comfort.
VH&F Tanning is a premier tanning salon based at Oxford Airport in Kidlington that’s dedicated to giving you the best service in terms of tanning. We are guided by our vision of helping our clients look good and feel good by ensuring that they reach their tanning goals.
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Why Tan with VH&F Tanning?

Premium quality tanning units

At VH&F Tanning, we ensure that our sunbeds are of excellent quality for your maximum comfort while you tan. We offer two XL Ergoline Soltan lay-down tanning units, featuring 10 extra tubes in each bed. We also offer two Ergoline stand-up sunbeds for those who prefer an alternative to our regular lay-down tanning beds. Our stand-up sunbeds are equipped with built-in vanity stations and seats, so you can relax and unwind even while you’re getting your tan on. With our premium tanning beds, you can even control your ventilation from the control panel.  

Aqua mist aromatherapy

Looking for sunbeds in Kidlington that come with aromatherapy? Then look no further than VH&F Tanning. Our tanning services also enable you to experience aromatherapy with each session. Get a richer, deeper colour for your skin while enjoying the refreshing fragrance of aqua mist. Our sunbeds in Oxford, featuring aqua mist aromatherapy, ensure that you get a luxurious tanning experience.

Built-in music system

Catering to even the music lovers, our Oxford sunbed units come with a built-in music system to give you entertainment as you tan. Choose from the latest RNB and dance music to a few old-time classics that will accompany you in your tanning session. You can be your DJ, and listen to whatever songs you’re in the mood for. Simply plug in your phone in our tanning beds and vibe to the music.  

Long-lasting tan

Achieve your preferred look and get a tan that lasts long enough for your intended event, like a party, a school reunion, or a date. Avoid the disappointment that comes from getting a tan that fades sooner than you’re expecting it to. All VH&F Tanning beds are fitted with 0.3 tubes to give you a richer, deeper, and longer-lasting tan. Our tanning system can give you not only the best possible experience but also your desired results. Additionally, the tanning experts at VH&F Tanning can give you the necessary advice and recommendations to help you prolong your tan.

Minimal risk of burning

Anxious about getting on the sunbed and ending up with a tan that’s far from your ideal colour? Let VH&F Tanning and our Kidlington sunbed units alleviate your fears. By consulting with our experts, you’ll know the optimal time that you should spend in a tanning bed. Doing so will prevent risks of burning, which could leave you with stinging, red skin.   

Fully trained tanning consultants

With our fully trained tanning experts, you can expect to experience safe, high-quality tanning sessions. All VH&F Tanning staff are friendly and knowledgeable. They will be there to guide you in every step of the tanning process, from the first consultation to your tanning sessions. The friendly and knowledgeable staff help make the tanning process pleasant and convenient for all our clients. They can offer you expert advice on how many sessions you’ll need for you to get your preferred tan. They can also give guidance on what to expect for your tanning sessions and the aftercare methods that you can use so that your tan lasts longer.

Melanin support tanning aids

To help prolong the tan that you’ve gotten from our sunbeds, VH&F Tanning offers various melanin support tanning aids. Support your tan by up to 40% while hydrating and replenishing your skin—the healthiest way to tan. Get improved tanning results with our tanning lotions and vitamin drinks. Intensify your tan and maintain an even colour with our tanning lotions. Pamper yourself and choose from our quality products with rejuvenating, moisturising, and anti-inflammatory properties for softer skin. Common ingredients of our tanning lotions include aloe vera, shea butter, and hemp oil. We also carry a range of other products, such as deodorants, body sprays, hair products, and micellar water.

Personalised tanning programs

Get that perfect golden brown colour through tanning programs that are specially made just for you and your skin. If it’s your first time getting a tan and you’re anxious about tanning, or if you’re not achieving your desired tan, you can turn to VH&F Tanning. Everyone’s skin is different, and what may work for some may not necessarily be ideal for others. This is where personalised tanning programs come in handy. At VH&F Tanning, we offer bespoke tanning programs that are created just for you and your unique tanning needs.  

Cleanliness as number 1 priority

All our sunbeds are maintained and disinfected using a specialised sunbed cleaner and kitchen roll. VH&F Tanning puts a premium on sanitation, ensuring that each sunbed is sanitised before and after each use. We also go the extra mile. Our salon is bio-misted weekly with ZOONO to provide our clients with a safe and sterile environment. This amazing technology reactivates itself, eliminating any bacteria on contact for up to 30 days. Still, VH&F Tanning conducts regular sanitation every week to ensure that the salon is deeply cleaned.

No appointment necessary, open to Non members just walk in whenever the mood takes you. All sunbeds come on a 1st come 1st serve basis. 

Tan the VH&F WAY



Tanning Consultant

Tan the VH&F Way

No appointments are necessary and open to non-members. Simply walk in whenever you’re in the mood for getting that perfect tan. VH&F Tanning sunbeds are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Contact us now and book an appointment to get the tan of your dreams.


Opening hours:

6 AM-9 PM from Monday to Thursday

6 AM-8 PM for Fridays

8 AM-6 PM for Saturdays

8 AM-4 PM for Sundays

*Note that the last admission is a half-hour before the business closing time. Free parking is available near our establishment. Shower facilities are also available.

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