How to set achievable goals!

How to set achievable goals!

The whole team at VIDA believe that we can help people to achieve their goals and this first edition we hope to provide a few helpful tips.

Always be realistic about the goals that you want to set
◦ An unrealistic goal, may leave you feeling disappointed if you don’t reach it
◦ Consider breaking a long-term goal down into small bite size chunks, so that can hit milestones as you go along.

Set a goal that pushes your comfort zone
• Don’t think that your goal is too small or too big
◦ It might be fitting into a pair of jeans
◦ Running a marathon
◦ Feeling great about yourself

Any goal is positive, so that you have something to aim for.

Make your goals S.M.A.R.T.
◦ Specific,
◦ Measurable
◦ Attainable
◦ Realistic and
◦ Time-sensitive.


Have accountability
◦ Tell someone what your goals are and ask them to hold you accountable for updating them on your progress

Track Progress
◦ Whether you do this yourself or with the help of a trainer, make a note of your progressions, so that you can see the results (it’s a great feeling)

Don’t give up
◦ You may have a down day or a period of time where commitments hinder your progress, but stick with it and you will see the results you want.


Get in touch with our PT’s today if you’d like help to achieve your goals.