Our journey to becoming the safest, largest gym in the county

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Our journey to becoming the safest, largest gym in the county

As we move to the next stages of lessening lockdown, we’re very happily welcoming members, old and new, back to the gym. At Vida we have worked hard, with continual reinvestment, to be the best equipped gym in the county, and we continue to do so. We have targeted that same effort and dedication towards our members in ensuring that the club is also the safest, and cleanest gym in the county in light of Covid-19.

Here are a few of the things we’ve done to make this happen:

The gym is sprayed every Sunday with a Bio-mist rendering the gym Covid-19 Secure.  The Bio-mist protects a surface from Covid-19 (and A LOT of other bacteria and viruses) for 30 days when used outdoors.  We will be using this weekly, indoors, so the gym will be a clean zone. Because we are using mist and not a fogger, unlike many other health clubs, we are confident in how this measure will protect our members and our team.

Hand sanitiser dispensers have been installed for use in every room.

We have utilised an app, FitSense, that allows our members to book in ahead of time. Time slots open every 10 minutes, and can be booked up to 2 day in advance. There’s a constant flow of members, so everybody gets their gym time , but we can stay on top of the numbers and keep you all safe.

We have 2m distances marked out on the floors, creating “zones”, so you can spend
your time enjoying your workout, and not worrying about social distancing. Our one way system, and roundabout system in the main gym area, minimise the risk of contact while you’re moving around the site.

Of course, we are complying with track and trace, and temperature checking everyone who enters the building, staff and members alike.

We are so grateful to have the membership base that we do, and we’ll keep working to keep the gym a safe, clean, friendly environment

Welcome Back!